• Assembling the instrument – reed, mouthpiece, ligature, strap.
  • Playing position.
  • Embouchure.
  • Reading musical notes and symbols.
  • Fingering.
  • Playing exercises, scales, and tunes in a progressive method book.
  • Duets.
To develop a correct technical foundation for playing the instrument; To play a variety of musical pieces with good tone and rhythm, including exercises, duets, movie themes, Christmas tunes, etc. ; To improve performance in band class for school-age students.


  • Continuing guidance regarding playing position, embouchure, and fingering (correction of bad habits).
  • Guidance regarding selection of equipment such as mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, and instruments.
  • Introduction of more complex musical pieces including etudes, solos, and jazz.
  • Selection and preparation of pieces for Solo and Ensemble for school-age students.
  • Introduction to jazz, blues, and rock improvisation.
  • Use of jazz, blues, and rock “play along” cd’s and programs.
  • Guidance regarding performance opportunities including bands, jam sessions, church and community programs, community colleges, etc.
To develop the skills necessary to begin playing with others in musical groups.


  • Increased focus on interpretation and musical issues beyond basic technique such as vibrato, dynamics, ornaments, and variations in tempo.
  • Practice methods which target specific aspects of instrumental performance such as tone and technique.
  • Music theory and history.
  • Assistance with transcribing solos and licks for jazz, blues, and rock students.
  • Improvising through chord changes.
To develop the skills necessary to perform at the college and professional level.

Lesson rate: $35.00 per half hour.