Come On In And Look Around.

As a prospective student, you are probably interested in finding out something about my background. In the following pages, you'll find information about my education, my achievements as a performing musician, and my teaching philosophy. I've also included information on the locations where I teach and my rates and schedule.

Who are my students?

My current student population includes a wide variety of ages and experience levels, from beginning band students at the elementary and middle school level, through aspiring professionals at the high school and college level. I also work with adult hobbyists with a variety of goals, including jazz, blues and rock styles. I've tried to give a sense of this flexibility in the 'Lesson Content' page.

Special Features.

I've incorporated some special features into the site which I hope you'll enjoy. On the 'About Steve' page, you'll find links to audio and video tracks of my performances. On the 'Locations' page, you'll find links to the websites for the studios where I teach. I've also included a link to my facebook site, and links to my other websites.

On the 'Listen' page you can hear recordings.